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Healthcare providers face torrential change

AVIA offers a path forward

Thrive and grow as part of AVIA’s network

AVIA is a provider-formed innovator network.

Our mission is to help our innovator network identify, select and deploy the best emerging IT-enabled solutions to drive growth, improve operating efficiency and compete on value. We enable collaboration between providers and entrepreneurs to accelerate impact and mitigate risk. The AVIA innovator network was founded by leading provider organizations and remains provider-led. In addition to hospitals and health systems, our network also consists of entrepreneurs and sponsoring partners who are all striving to positively change health care delivery.

   How we work:
    ●   We support a disciplined innovation process, anchored in strategy.
    ●   We evaluate hundreds of innovations in four domains: patient engagement, care delivery optimization, operating efficiency,
          and data insights to support population health management.
    ●   We help providers build their innovation capacity and skill.
    ●   We accelerate implementation via dynamic playbooks, tailored to distinct provider environments.
    ●   We co-invest in companies and solutions chosen by our innovator network, based on market need and strategic fit.

An approach made easy

AVIA is not another consulting firm. As extenders to our innovator network, we provide insights and results with emerging technology-enabled solutions.

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World-class team

Picking the right emerging technology-enabled solutions takes knowledge and expertise. We’ve built a multi-disciplinary team with the right skill sets to deliver.

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Learn more about AVIA's approach and how to join the innovator network.

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